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Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN kicked in the nuts by House vote

Despite the pathetic attempts by some to deflect from ACORN’s corruption, the message is getting around. We now have the House following the Senate and voting to defund ACORN.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has details, including the names of those who voted to continue funding an organization that is so corrupt that it’s front line employees, without hesitation, offered advice to help with the sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors, mortgage fraud, money laundering, tax fraud etc. Their ease with and certainty of the steps needed for such illegal actions naturally leads to the question of, how many times have they done something like this before?

Ace has information about how certain and complete this de-funding really is and what is being attempted to ensure that it is thorough enough to stop funding this organization and it’s affiliates with our tax dollars.

The pressure needs to continue. It is obvious that ACORN is hoping for this to blow over with it’s talk of suspending operations and being audited. And about that audit, which anyone with a brain would be skeptical of, we now have data to confirm our skepticism. Allahpundit at HotAir begins his post with a good bit of snark:

I can’t do better than Karl’s summary so I’m going to steal it: “A Soros hack, an SEIU thug, someone who pleaded to lying to the FBI, and a Kennedy.” All that’s missing are a few pimps and prostitutes for “technical expertise.” Hardest-hitting internal investigation evah: […] (source)

We now have California and New York looking into investigating the matter.

Now that the supreme community organizer himself, via his spokesdork Gibbs, has distanced himself from the organization, perhaps certain individuals will stop with the distractions.

Don’t hold your breath though, some people just can’t stop themselves. It’s almost as if they like punching themselves in the nads or something.


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