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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama’s nuts getting dipped in hot grease

And then it gets worse. Let’s get some important information out of the way first. Be sure to tune in to Glenn Beck’s show at 5pm and check out the Big Government site today at 4pm (both Eastern) as a new ACORN video is going to be released. Per Ed Morrissey:

According to Twitter chatter, this one has some politicians named, as well as a surprising admission from the ACORN staffer on tape. (source)

Yep, that would be the getting worse part, now back to the hot grease for Obama’s buddies. As previously noted, the Senate passed an amendment to removed funding for ACORN. Republicans in the house are also pushing to add this amendment to their version of the bill. There is also pressure for a full investigation of the organization.

All of this is covered in the HotAir post linked to above. Be sure to read it all as there is at least one update since I’ve been typing.

Another matter that adds to ACORN’s woes is that they may be operating illegally in Maryland. I’ll link to another HotAir post as Ed Morrissey has experience with State compliance issues.

I can’t think of a state with tougher compliance laws, with the possible exception of Virginia. We practically built our compliance group just for those two states.

With that in mind, ACORN’s ability to maintain its operations without valid registration — if indeed that’s what happened here — should get considerable scrutiny. Were their operations merely overlooked, or was there something more deliberate in keeping compliance enforcement off of their backs? Could it be because partisan hacks like Jessamy are more interested in protecting their political allies than actually enforcing the law? (source)

One has to marvel that all of this has come about despite the overall see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil attitude of the mainstream press. Primarily because of the initial work of Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe, we are now finally moving to dismantling this criminal enterprise.

We are now up to four videos. Are there any more? Whatever the case may be I’m sure much paper shredding and deletion of electronic records is well under way at ACORN offices. I’m sure much overtime is required so those who have helped with this exposure of ACORN’s criminality should be congratulated for their efforts at helping stimulate the economy.


An embed of the video from Note, “This is a Part I of the ACORN San Bernardino exposé.”


HotAir has full, unedited video from Fox News here.


See how some on the left respond in this myspace thread. Notice there are no refutations or even discussion about what is presented in the videos along with the assumption that because Glenn Beck is mentioned in this post, that is who this information was initially derived from, as if that would matter anyway. But then Shawn Wilkinson has shown he is intellectually dishonest a number of times already, see here, here and here.

Not that the typical non-conservative in that thread will bother to read this. They obviously don’t care that ACORN is a criminal enterprise and are probably too lazy to scroll this far on top of it. The evidence showing support of under-age sex/slave trade, laundering money, mortgage fraud, etc. are just not important enough to them.

And here is the previous post about the videos that preceded these for those who are interested in what is being exposed about ACORN.


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