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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The ACORN story continues

ACORN staged a protest in Los Angeles. Andrew Breitbart decided to show up to ask and also answer questions.

In short, the ACORN story is far from over.  There are more videos to come next week.  You’ve seen the Baltimore story, the Philadelphia story, the New York story.

Now you will know about the LA story. (source)

Be sure to read the entire account and keep an eye on for the coming videos.

It is hardly surprising that an organization that is corrupt from top to bottom, so much so, that good people have been fired when they tried to do the right thing, has protests with rent-a-thugs.

While there has been some progress in diminishing our tax dollars supporting ACORN, it is only temporary at this time. We need to maintain pressure so this corrupt and partisan organization cannot regroup, reorganize, or change its name while continuing it’s dirty business as usual and with public funds helping it.

And despite Obama and his Kool-Aid drinking apologists doing all they can to distance him from the mess, Barack Obama has long and deep ties to ACORN.


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