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Friday, November 06, 2009

Obama decides to escalate the war

The war on Fox News that is, never mind our troops in harms way in Afghanistan, who are waiting for the support and resources they need in an important theater for the war on terror. Never mind that defeat is looming if we do not do what is necessary to achieve the victory that is still possible, Barack Obama has more important priorities.

The White House has taken the war on Fox News to a strange new level.  Bitterly complaining that the news channel does not provide a balanced presentation of the issues, the Obama administration has now warned strategists from the Democratic Party that they won’t work with them any longer if the strategists appear on Fox’s programming as guests: (source)

Be sure to read it all.

I’m sure that saying something about Barack Obama’s skin will be construed as racist by some nitwit, but this guy sure is thin-skinned. Unfortunately this character flaw is expressing itself by suppressing a news agency for not towing the line like others. Clearly, this also intends to send a message to others in the media to keep sucking up.

Considering only a few data points, the lack of in depth investigation or coverage of the ongoing discovery of ACORN corruption, and the incredibly late and whitewashed reporting on Van Jones, do they really need the encouragement?


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