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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It’s Only A Joke

There's nothing wrong with laughter right? The problem is that humor is too often used as  a means to avoid personal responsibility with regard to being informed on important matters in the realm of politics.

It's not that making a joke about a politician is the problem. The error is when someone defines that individual by only the jokes and ignores the actual substance and/or record. It doesn't help that some comedians intentionally seek applause from the like minded, rather than be merely humorous.

A case in point, Bobby Jindal has recently been compared to Kenneth of 30 Rock. I actually think that's rather funny and worth a chuckle or two. But how many will allow their complete definition of Governor Jindal be determined by that? Do they have any idea of the substance of his speech and can respond with reasoned disagreement? Do they know he has a successful record of starting to reform the cesspool of Louisiana politics? Do they remember how competent his reaction to a hurricane was compared to the last Louisiana Governor? Have they bothered to see how successful he has been in other government positions or know that he is a Rhodes Scholar and has achieved quite a bit of success in politics by the age of thirty seven?

One may disagree with him on the issues; others choose to be informed only by comedians. That decision seems to be another expression of the lack of personal responsibility that has been a growing problem for some time and is now being encouraged by government bailouts to the irresponsible after having encouraged that behavior in the first place.

This is no different for those who can only express their disagreement with Hillary Clinton by her "cankles" or by falsely claiming that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. Ignoring their arguments may work for the choir, but at some point substantive replies need to be offered to justify the opposition. To constantly shrink back from that duty is to cheapen the discourse and one should not be surprised, regardless of what side they are on, if they eventually find their views and statements looked at as no better than a cheap bumper sticker.

Perhaps many have the opinion that being informed about politicians and political issues is not important. Would they make a decision on what car or house to buy, which college to attend, what job offer to accept, based merely on who could tell the better joke about the competition? Yet, when it comes to deciding who will be in a position to tax us, determine how much government controls our lives and be responsible for defending the nation, it seems far too many rely on who gave them the best giggle. That wouldn't be so bad if they didn't vote. Unfortunately, it would seem too many of them do, judging from who won the last election.

People with this shallow level of thinking and lack of personal responsibility are themselves reduced to being a joke, but it is certainly no laughing matter when they can decide the fate of our nation.


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