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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama – why the rush?

Considering the undeniably extreme liberal record that Barack Obama has, the well established pattern of chosen radical associates and the obvious need for any politician to court moderates in a general election, why run for President now, rather than set oneself up for an easier run later? It’s obviously too close to that record and those associates for Obama to convincingly distance himself in a manner that doesn’t speak of mere political opportunism, so why the hurry?

Long gone is the opportunity to even try saying this is where I came from, this was my journey and I’ve learned that extremes are not what I agree with and I’ve grown over the years. Even that would have been difficult to swallow with Barack attending Jeremiah Wright’s church until only recently and praising him in his book, or continuing to email and be in contact with Bill Ayers until at least 2005. This closeness to his extreme liberal record naturally results in unintended moments of honesty, such as “bitter, clinging”; unplanned pregnancy is a punishment, and “spread the wealth around”.

Perhaps it’s merely hubris that causes one with such a lack of experience to run before he’s had time to position himself better for appealing to the entire nation. Barack Obama may still win, but that would be in spite of his rushing for the prize, rather than taking time to prepare a more centrist record of legislation as well as personal associations.

Of course Barack Obama still tries to sound moderate, though his answer to Joe the plumber and the audio from 2001 reveal his tendency to socialist views quite clearly. Perhaps he could have avoided the damage if he had at least more distance from that 2001 radio program and well as the other data points of his current record. But then this is supposed to be a Democrat year. There are more Republican seats up for election than Democrat. This alone gives odds favorable for the Democrats to pick up seats in the Senate. Add to this the GOP foolishness in dealing with corruption, their deplorable lack of discipline with spending and a media that is reflexively liberal, and the Democrats even stand a chance to gain a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Let’s briefly not that this would also be an argument for electing John McCain and Sarah Palin, the only two in this race who actually have verifiable records or reform, even standing up to their own party to do so.

If one is not an extreme liberal, would Democrats having such power be so important that they would begin running only several years after saying they did not have enough experience to do so? Yes, arrogance could be a sufficient explanation. After all, that 2004 speech sure got a lot of attention and judging from the Greek columns, Barack Obama is not lacking in self-importance.

It seems the Democrats are swaggering lately in anticipation of gaining this control. Barney Frank says we should cut our military budget by 25% - while we are still at war. Nancy Pelosi thinks it would be good to not have to compromise with Republicans. Democrats are considering the elimination of 401k tax advantages and then mandating a government retirement plan. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd blocked increased regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which was a major contribution to our current financial crisis. Joe Biden authored the assault weapons ban. Democrats want to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine and perhaps expand it to the internet. Democrats want to eliminate secret ballots when workers are deciding whether or not to unionize.

If one has become a moderate, yet has a recent record that is just as liberal as, or even more than the above, along with a self declared lack of experience, why choose to run for President when the party that is proposing all of that is the one that may have enough power to actually enact the entire wish list? Is there any comfort in saying that Barack Obama is just so arrogant and full of himself that he just couldn’t take his own good advice and wait?


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