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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama’s first 100 days in office includes ACORN

Actually, he said this would occur during the transition, before his first 100 days and even the inauguration.

Thanks to Ace.

Why this is important is outlined here (Thanks to Lucianne).


At times, ACORN opts for undisguised authoritarian socialism, as when it proposes that “large companies which desire to leave the community” be forced to obtain “an exit visa from the community board signifying that the company has adequately compensated all its employees and the community at large for losses due to relocation.” How much longer before ACORN calls for exit visas for wealthy or middle-class individuals before they can leave a city? This is the road to serfdom indeed, even though it begins with little steps. The proposal gives a glimpse of the vastness of ACORN’s ambition, despite the seeming modesty of its individual programs. Understanding that ambition, seven state legislatures have passed laws to block municipalities from setting their own minimum wages.

That’s only one of the reasons. Read it all, it’s long but very important to know what Obama has chosen to make alliance with.

And of course there is the rampant voter fraud that is currently being attempted by ACORN in a number of states. One example would be here in Indiana where around 5000 new names were turned in just before the deadline. So far, as many as 2000 have been found to be fraudulent. That’s just in one county. In fact, the problem is so widespread, crossing state lines, and has been an issue for several elections that the RICO Act is applicable. Will anyone in law enforcement do the right thing? We shall see, as it stands several states are conducting criminal investigations. To make all this more insulting, ACORN receives federal funds. That’s right, your tax dollars have been helping this organization corrupt our voting process for years.

For more information about ACORN and Barack Obama, this is helpful. As one can see from the information about individual states there, the fraud being discovered is enough to change close elections. But how much is not being found?

And yes, this is another matter Obama is lying about. It is a fact that he worked with ACORN activists during his community organizer days and he has helped train them since then.

It turns out Hillary Clinton and her supporters have experience with voter fraud. I used to just blow off the PUMAs. While it was nice to have them in common cause against Obama, I didn’t realize the problem went much deeper. Watch some clips from a documentary here, to see what they experienced by way of the Barack Obama campaign.

As they state, while we disagree on certain issues, our right to vote is being taken away from us. No matter your political affiliation, this is something we should all agree is wrong.

So, I come down to this. Do we believe that the Obama campaign curtailed the freedom of speech of those who opposed him? Do we believe that Clinton’s supporter’s votes were not counted fairly? If we answer ‘yes; as I have answered, than it seems to me that the fact that we disagree with Sarah Palin on reproductive choice, or creationism, or even protecting the Polar Bears—is the human rights equivalent of small potatoes. There are two basic rights that make us a democracy; two essential rights that keep us free.  If I have my voice—and my vote—I can work for all the other issues.  Without them, I can do nothing. (source, emphasis in bold mine)

Voter fraud has been practiced by Barack Obama and ACORN. Do you want to ensure that people responsible for the fraud are never prosecuted? Do you want to validate the destruction of our right to vote by helping Barack Obama be elected?


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