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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It turns out Obama does have some foreign policy experience

There’s a highly charged video going around about Barack Obama’s involvement in Kenya politics. I’m not going to link to that video, instead I’ll reference an article that is more balanced in comparison. Unfortunately for Obama, the author’s conclusion is still hard to avoid, if much of what is referenced is true.

In August and September 2006, Senator Barack Obama traveled to South Africa, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Chad and Kenya as a congressional delegation of one (Codel Obama) (“Codel Obama” The Hill 9/7/2006) While in Kenya, Obama consistently appeared at the side of fellow Luo Raila Odinga (“your agent for change’), who was running for President.

By most accounts, it appears that Odinga was cheated out of winning the election. Sadly, the response was violence that resulted in the loss of life. Of course that would not be Obama’s fault and the author gives him credit for trying to help end the crisis.

In fairness to Senator Obama, after Kenya erupted into violence ( and at the request of Condoleezza Rice), Obama did record a message “. …calling for calm…” and had “..near daily conversations with the US Ambassador…and Raila Odinga”

However, the article contains much disturbing information and claims about Odinga and concludes:

Clearly, Obama campaigned for someone who is corrupt, ruthless and has financial ties to terrorists. More importantly, Obama campaigned for a candidate who had the stated objective of dismantling US & Kenyan government efforts to root out Al Queda and other terrorist organizations. Organizations that had already caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans and Africans in embassy bombings. Senator Obama’s actions—intentional or not—were in direct conflict with the efforts and interests of US national security. I think this raises serious questions about the judgment, maturity and readiness of Senator Obama.

Be sure to read the entire article, located here.

At best, Obama’s naiveté and tendency to consort with leftist radicals, may have unwittingly enabled someone to gain power who wants to enable radical Muslims and hamper the ability of the United States to fight terrorism. It turns out that the poor judgment of even a junior Senator can have far reaching and dangerous effects. If Barack Obama is elected President, how much more damage will such poor judgment and understanding of the world inflict on our country?


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