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Monday, October 06, 2008

McCain/Palin fire for effect

McCain may not be able to fly fighter bombers anymore but it appears that he hasn’t forgotten how to deliver broadsides against a target. We shall soon see if it’s enough to crash through the media stonewalling of criticism of their anointed one.

We have Palin addressing the Ayers/Obama relationship.

Video at HotAir

We finally have John McCain fighting back against Obama’s distortions and lies of McCain’s record regarding Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac regulation.

Video at HotAir

Considering that just about any criticism of Barack Obama has now been equated to racism by direct accusation or cowardly implication by Obama and/or his tools, McCain and Palin’s latest attacks against the junior Senator can only be explained as their joining the Klan. At least that’s the bizzaro reality Obama and some his minions will no doubt try to construct within their dusty little skull caps.

Apparently Obama currently thinks the Keating Five is a reasonable response. Turns out not so much, as noted by Drew at Ace's:


In fact, it’s likely that McCain was only kept in the case because to have removed him from it would have meant only Democrats would have been involved. That's not McCain spin, that's from Bob Bennett, the Senate’s own investigator and noted Democrat.

And btw, John Glenn was also caught up in the Keating Five mess, much as John McCain was. John Glenn has been actively campaigning for Barack Obama in Ohio.

Of course there’s the other Obama complaint that this is a distraction from the real issues. That’s rather funny coming from a candidate who has made the claim to having great judgment such an important issue in his campaign. But I suppose noting that makes one racist. If it doesn’t yet, I’m sure some Barack Obama supporter somewhere, perhaps even The One Himself, will soon make the case. Hey, apparently being racist is the new black!


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