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Monday, February 23, 2009

Does God Exist?

A well known Atheist and a Christian apologist are scheduled to debate the question later this year.

Christopher Hitchens will be on the side of Atheism and Dr. William Lane Craig will be arguing that God does exist.

The debate will be hosted at Biola University Saturday, April 4 at 7:30 PM.

Christopher Hitchens vs. William Lane Craig, Ph.D., D.Theol.

Moderated by Hugh Hewitt and hosted by Craig Hazen
Cosponsored with Biola Associated Students
Book signing to follow

Considering the background of both participants this debate should be quite interesting. This debate has the potential for much more intellectual exercise than the Cameron/Comfort vs the (ir)rational response squad duo that had me merely yawning in anticipation. I would love to attend but unfortunately Southern California is too far a trip at this time. I’m sure transcripts, at the very least, will be available eventually, perhaps even video.

Even if you can’t make it, spread the word. Reasoned debate between two adversaries, with no quarter drawn, and concerning such an important matter, is a shame to miss simply because one wasn’t aware of the event.


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