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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Rush Limbaugh said something about Barack Obama

And I agree.

There’s been much fretting and back biting about the “Magic Negro” parody song that Rush played on his show and that was distributed by a Republican. Paul Smith, a frequent guest host on Limbaugh’s program, managed to get Barack Obama on his show and ask him about the controversial song.

Paul Smith […] "I have to do this because Rush is on our radio station. We're going to see him tomorrow.  You've heard the parody song 'Barack the "Magic Negro"'"?

OBAMA:  (Laughing.)  You know, I have not heard it but I've heard of it.  I confess that I don't listen to Rush on a daily basis.  On the other hand, I'm not one of these people who -- who takes myself so seriously that I get offended by -- by every -- every comment made about me. You know, the -- you know, what Rush does is entertainment, and although it's probably not something that I listen to much, I don't --

PAUL W. SMITH:  But you said not every day, so you do listen a little then, and why wouldn't you?

OBAMA:  I don't mind. I don't mind -- I don't mind folks poking fun at me.  That's part of the job.

Rush gives his view on Obama’s reaction.

RUSH:  Barack Obama. That's right, Barack Obama laughed it off.  He laughed it off. He said I'm an entertainer, and he doesn't mind being made fun of, poking fun at him. That's part of the job.  Snerdley's looking at me with mouth wide open and agape.  What do you not believe about this? (interruption) Yeah, look, we don't need to belabor this.  But there's a reason he's laughing it off.  A, it's funny.  B, the roots of it is the Los Angeles Times.  C, there's nothing to accomplish by doing something other than this.  I don't want to go into it any further, but this is a classy way to deal with it. This is the way he should have dealt with it if anyone asked. It's the first time he's, probably, been asked about it, but this is the way for these guys to deal with it. Blow it off. Laugh it off. "No big deal." […] (source)

So yes, Obama deserves praise for not whining about it as so many others have.

I do wonder if some were so offended by the assumptions they made because of the title of this post; that they didn’t bother to find out it was actually complimenting our President Elect. Perhaps they could take a lesson from the man they probably helped vote into office.


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