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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let us reason together

Or is that not allowed when it involves Barack Obama? That question of course is not directed at all Obama supporters. I know some who are willing to discuss the mistakes and perhaps even their disagreements with the candidate they currently support. Perhaps even some can agree that occasionally elections come down to choosing between a douche and turd sandwich as memorably portrayed by South Park. So, I'm curious, why do such people continue to support the junior Senator as he aims for the highest office in this country?

It used to be that one could easily point out serious disagreements on many issues between the apparent party candidates. But now it seems arguable that Obama has shifted rather dramatically on issues regarding troop withdrawal from Iraq, FISA legislation, NAFTA, abortion and gun rights, to name a few that come to mind easily.

For those who can actually have reasonable discussions about politics and who support Obama, are there no concerns at all regarding Obama's changes as he prepares for the general election fight? Is it that easy to take every explanation or rationalization from the candidate and his more rabid supporters for these apparent reversals?

I know there are some people who can explain their position reasonably. By that, I mean, without expressing hatred for the current occupant of the oval office or considering those who still support the war in Iraq as being morally deficient or too stupid to be capable of being held morally responsible. I've actually experienced such a discussion, so it's not just wishful thinking.

I suppose I might have a chance at preventing Obamatons/trolls from replying if I mention that George Bush is still president because Al Gore actually lost the election and John Kerry was a flip flopper who rarely mentioned serving in Vietnam. From what I've seen of some, that might be enough to cause rapid expansion beyond their skulls capacity and greatly inhibit the ability to type.

So, what is it that keeps you reasonable people supporting Obama? I can understand that we disagree on core values, that's life and that we can talk, rather than resort to violence is one of the great things about America. But are you confident Obama really hasn't changed or that he isn't playing uninformed people for fools with his latest policy statements? Has anyone changed their mind recently and decided they can't support Barack Obama and honestly will vote for McCain or not vote all?

Is reasonable discussion possible?


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