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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election 2008 - Is staying home an option?

This post was prompted by the following comment left at a previous post, where I stated I might sit out the election if it ends up being a McCain/Huckabee ticket.

Great post... thanks! One small quibble: please don't stay home... you can vote 3rd party or abstain from voting for president, but I REALLY hope conservatives who cannot vote for McCain still show up and give support to Republicans in other important races.


That's a good point Ryan makes and something I really had not thought of till now. Let's further reinforce this with what Mark Levin has to say with an excerpt from his post at the Corner.

"I think one important focus of Reagan conservatives should be to do all they can to protect as many Republican seats in the House as possible. There needs to be at least one elected part of our government that might be in a position to stem what could be a very unpleasant four years." (source, thanks to Glenn Reynolds)

Wikipedia has a decent round up of information for the United States House of Representatives elections, 2008.

Seems to me, that no matter how loathsome the Republican Presidential ticket may turn out to be, staying home is NOT an option. We need to vote for as many Republican candidates as we can, even if we decide to not cast a vote for President. Thanks to Ryan for pointing this out.

Let's not become so disgruntled that we miss seeing what good we can do.


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