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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New drinking game

John McCain will speak at CPAC, the grassroots conservative conference, tomorrow. A good time to take a slight break from this political campaign season, or at least deaden our senses to the pain that may be inflicted upon us soon.

Materials needed:

  • Alcohol
  • shot glasses
  • Photo of Michael Medved

Every time McCain says (variations count):

My friends = 1 shot and poke a fellow conservative in the eye

Important Safety tip!

Before said pokeage, please review the safety note on this page (scroll down), to see how to do this without injuring any more conservatives than McCain and his supporters already have. As the game progresses and the safety technique demonstrated is becoming too difficult to apply correctly, a smack to the back of the head is acceptable.

We may disagree = 2 shots and yell NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!

I supported Robert Bork = 3 shots and hurl invectives at the photo of Michael Medved

It's probably a good thing that there will not be a live feed of CPAC and only video clips and transcripts will be available to work with eventually. It would be unfortunate if people couldn't make it to work over the next few days. That drop in production and the ensuing affect on the economy might require Congress to wrangle out another income redistribution, deficit increasing economic stimulus package months and months after the fact.


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