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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Global warming - this post is not a joke

It seems I have to explain what is a joke and what is an actual argument on this matter due to a particular twit who doesn't understand the humor that is this previous post and instead claims that an actual argument is being made. So on to a non-joke post about global warming and the controversy surrounding the issue.

A new book is out that has received a very positive review here. A few excerpts:

About a year ago, Canadian environmentalist and journalist Lawrence Solomon began a series of articles in the National Post examining the credentials of and arguments made by scientists and economists labeled “deniers” by various environmentalists, a number of mainstream environmental reporters, and some politicians. Solomon, true to the finest tenets of his profession, sought the truth concerning whether there was in fact a consensus on the headline-grabbing issue of global warming, or whether in fact any “real” scientists actually dissented from the Al Gore/UN line that global warming is happening, is largely caused by humans, and threatens all manner of catastrophies.


This book does not attempt to settle the science, or show that humans are or are not responsible for the present warming trend, or settle what we can expect the future harms/benefits of continued warming (or cooling) might be. Rather, the genius of the book is that it shows in a manner accessible to a lay audience that uncertainties concerning each important facet of the “consensus” view on warming abound, and that the dissenting views are at least as plausible (and often more compelling) than the IPCC/Gore camps.


This book should be read by anyone who seriously wants to understand where and why substantive debate remains concerning climate change and why there is so much vitriol surrounding what until recently was a relatively quiet, unheralded, or unnoticed (except by its practitioners) field of science. If a person could read only one book this year on climate change, this is the one I’d pick.

Sounds quite interesting so I'll put this on my book list for future purchase. <- To the dork that gets worked up over my posts, that isn't a joke.

There's also been several recent reports that at first light do not bode well for alarmist global warming claims. Whether or not they'll hold up or fail as badly as Mann's hockey stick graph waits to be seen, but I may cover them in the future. But then such discussions don't seem to be allowed by some in this controversy. So, maybe I shouldn't cover these issues as someone might get a bit worked up again in their obsession with this blog and I wouldn't want to increase their stress level or let their stupidity shine so brightly again. /sarcasm



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