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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Rational Response Squad

Or as I like to call them, the (ir)rationals. They're that little hardcore online atheist group consisting of core members Brian Sapient (The Sap), Kelly and Rook Hawkins (Little Rookie). One of their hobbies is pimping the foolish notion that Jesus was just a myth. I've noted their idiocy before, but this latest is rather fun to watch. Apparently another atheist (he isn't the first) had some constructive criticism for them.

A few excerpts:

Until you Rational Responders up your credentials and experience you will continue to come off like the loose change guys: You’re amateur, emotional, and unprofessional.


Either stop being unprofessional and arrogant or earn the right to be unprofessional and arrogant through life experience or education. Until then you’re making us look bad. (source - thanks to Frank Walton)

Be sure to go through the thread to see the how the (ir)rationals reacted to his posting that letter on their forum. Ah yes, open-minded and free thinkers those (ir)rationals show themselves to be. <- That was sarcasm, for those (ir)rationals groupies who would be confused. I'm willing to bet a penny or two a few may drop by as these posts tend to serve as an idiot magnet, much like my posts about 9-11 conspiracy nuts tend to do.

On a final note, it's rather interesting that an atheist offering criticism of their methods and such also made a 9-11 conspiracy nut comparison. Just say' in.


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