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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cool and disturbing at the same time

Google, once again expanding its reach over all information, you might be surprised at what can be seen on the new Google Street View available at Google maps. From Drudge comes the following links:

Man outside strip club

License plate

Faces on the street

Right now, the data appears to be limited to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver and Miami.

Best make sure you have your shades drawn, otherwise you may soon end up on the Internet for all to see, warts and all. You might want to be careful where you walk as well, as the manner in which the images are captured might catch you on your way past a shady establishment with all the implications some may draw from that. Will you be able to face anonymous Internet users who take advantage of such an occurrence and then successfully clear your name?

Is Google a company that can be trusted with so much technology and information? I wonder what the Communist Chinese government would say?


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