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Sunday, May 20, 2007

An angry anti-Christian or stupid is as stupid does

Another addition to my 4GrinsNGiggles department. I received a few compliments for my reply to an individual using the screen name "The Boy (That lives in Darkness)" when he started a thread titled "God doesn't exist". It turns out this  this angry little anti-theist also has the (ir)rational response squad on his friends list. Yes, shocking news that, I never would have expected it, but on to the fun.

His comments in bold

My reply interspersed throughout in regular font (including my typos)


okay listen here you hypocritically pieces of trash,

Such a pleasant start

you guys really piss me off,

Really? It was hard to tell from that first line

you bash on gays and yet your leaders rape boys,

are you sure your pissed off? It's hard to tell

you try to get into state to force us non believers to believe,

Might want to adjust your foil beannie

ill tell you why you believe god exists,

This would be more impressive with a drum roll

because you Christians cant comprehend death,

I was wrong, a drum roll wouldn't have helped

when you die there is no pearly gates,

I didnt think there were anyway

just black, nothing more, nothing less.

That's ok, I like the color black

i believe jessus was a good teacher, but a lier.

This jessus fellow remained in a reclined position while teaching?

he had good ideas but you had to build a belief structure around it.

Because believing good ideas is a bad thing?

im not saying you guys are bad, or good

How brave of you

its just that i hate you recruiters,

Seems to me you came here, no one dragged you

let me believe what i belive

That's what God does, so dont complain about the results


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