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Friday, April 20, 2007

This is getting ridiculous

It would seem the Virginia Tech killings were not tragic enough in their immediate effect, or in the lasting trauma for those who knew someone that was killed. Before the grieving process can hardly move beyond the initial stages, much foolishness is being shown in many quarters.

Eight states, at this point, have had to deal with threats in schools, the claim of several is that they’ll do better than the VTech killer or set a new record. Clearly, there are unstable people waiting for encouragement, but it would hardly be surprising that some think making such threats is a legitimate form of humor. What that says about them or their upbringing is certainly not positive.

We also have "experts" weighing in with their foolish blather. I just saw on the news one of these pontificators commenting on Cho's use of hollow point bullets. He said that you don't need these for home defense as you're just trying to stop an immediate threat; these bullets are just for killing. Well, dork boy, if someone keeps coming at you, after you've brandished a firearm, they've just indicated that killing them may be your only choice. Best have something to do so quickly. Also, hollow points reduce the chance for ricochet and over-penetration, so are a better choice for home defense. You do want to reduce the chance of punching through to the next room with a great deal of energy left, when you may have a loved one in there.

Poor little "expert" might freak if he knew what many carry for self-defense and what I would consider carrying if I had the money to practice often with the ammunition.



"The post in the center of these rounds is supposed to direct hydraulic pressure away from the center of the hollow point cavity and toward the cavity walls thereby aiding and amplifying the bullets chances of expansion even at lower velocities. When the round first came out many people dismissed it as a gimick but tests have been done with and without the post and the fact is the post DOES INCREASE expansion reliability."

What I've considered using:

RBCD Ammunition Performance in 10% Ordance Gelatin


RBCD Performance Plus 380 ACP 45 gr. TFSP

shot at 30' into 8"x8"x12" 10% Calibrated Gelatin through four sheets 13 oz. denim cloth. Entrance through left end, no exit.

Once again, the MSM shows that it's rather clueless regarding firearms, or so reflexively biased, that stupidity can't be avoided. Some are already lamenting America's gun culture, yet the lesson we should learn from this and other shootings is that defenseless people tend to end up as victims. Virginia Tech banned firearms on campus, even for students that were licensed to carry by the state, despite an earlier incident at another school being stopped by armed students.

Then there is more yammering jackassery from the queen of such, Keith Olbermann. Little Keith whined about the "assault" weapons ban expiring under the Bush administration and a Republican Congress and this allowing Cho to get high-capacity magazines.

Just a little problem for Olberbitchh. Such magazines were still available during the "assault" weapons ban. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of our ranting, just so we can slam the President with an incredibly stupid attempt at association that would be entertaining for it's Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon silliness, were it not for people actually being killed. Just a suggestion, how about we blame the killer?

I won't be surprised if some start attacking online gun retailers next, as Cho had purchased one firearm from such a business. I have yet to see the MSM mention that such retailers ship to a licensed firearms dealer that's local to the buyer and then the same procedures/regulations are followed. But such details are hardly useful if all one wants to do is fit things into their template and bias against guns and gun ownership.

Fortunately, enough people in America have seen the folly of adding more laws that criminals, surprise surprise, tend to ignore, that even Democrats have said we shouldn't rush to add more legislation. Common sense continues, with Tennessee moving to repeal the gun ban on state property. It may be that an increasing number of law-abiding citizens are realizing that gun control is best described as making sure you hit center of mass. The MSM might want to consider that if that bothers them, they have company. Unfortunately, their companions would include the criminal element in society and those who harbor delusions and thoughts of inflicting violence on innocent people. Much easier to do that, as we saw at Virginia Tech, if law-abiding citizens are denied a tool and practical means for defending themselves. Not that the MSM has any shame left.


I'm not the only one that's noticed the foolishness. Confederate Yankee makes many of the same points I've made but also includes a bit more detail on several. Turns out the "expert" is Joseph Vince, a retired ATF agent. That someone who enforced firearm laws, would be so wrong on the matter of ammunition is disturbing to say the least.


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