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Thursday, April 12, 2007


A woman should sit and be quite dork, gets a verbal slap down from a Muslim woman. She even manages to look quite stylish while doing so, despite the hijab, much better than the picnic table pattern of the slappee. And then there's the woman leading the discussion showing *gasp* her hair and *gasp* her neck and *gasp* her hands, both sides even!

The topic is "Does the appearance of Saudi women on TV run counter to Islamic law?"

A couple of take away quotes, but be sure to watch the video, more great sound bites from this courageous woman.

...I demand that my face, which constitutes my identity, be shown.


You, who frighten people with Hell, have brought them a hell on earth.


You've prevented the mind from operating, thinking, comparing and choosing, even though it is the same mind that the Creator gave people in order to choose between Paradise and Hell.

Video here (Thanks to HotAir)

Such women should be applauded, as they risk much by taking such a stand. Hopefully, reform will continue in the Middle East and within Islam so that such views are eventually not seen as out of the ordinary nor something that we marvel at because of the lack of fear displayed when a woman dares to speak and say there is nothing wrong with her being on TV.


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