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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Henry Waxman - closeted Islamofacist?

Judging from his recent performance, just like Islamofacists, he doesn't like an informed woman speaking. Either that, or he's just a megalomaniac who cares nothing for truth in his grasping for power. Hmm, maybe the Islamofacists are closeted liberal Demoncraps.

The video at HotAir

Notice his complaining about defining the law in question. Heaven forbid a law be defined, before application, or hearing from someone who actually wrote it. You can't do that if you want to have the convenience of applying it willy nilly as your political calculations determine your strategy and targets. Welcome to the political "trials" of the former Soviet Union and other totalitarian regimes.

As noted in one comment in that HotAir post, how would everyone react if Republicans treated Valerie (she's a babe) Plame that way?

This show trial and agencies like CNN that cover it, layered with their bias, undermine our constitutional government and do nothing to properly inform anyone. I would say they should be ashamed, but they've shown that they are far beyond feeling any shame for their actions.


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