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Monday, April 23, 2007

O'Donnell, keeping it in the family

Ok, they're not related, but they might as well be with the flippin' idiocy that issues forth from their orifices. Which orifice, is rather debatable, considering the outright lunacy and inaccuracies Rosie O'donnell has put out there about 9-11 and now, Lawrence O'Donnell, with his weighing in on the VTech murders.

Larry O'Donnell's stupidity in bullet point fashion

  • Automatic weapons
  • Spraying bullets
  • High capacity magazines unavailable under "assault" weapons ban

Video at HotAir.

O'Donnell also argues that if it were not for Cho having automatic weapons and spraying bullets, students could have tackled him, apparently no need for them to have firearms. Uh, sorry buddy, the foundation of your argument is completely wrong, and non-existent, leaving your conclusion with no support. The weapons were semi-automatic. One pull of the trigger, one shot.

That being the case, I wonder if he would now say that the police don't need firearms. They do have bullet proof vests at their disposal after all. What's that? Don't be silly? Hey, I'm not the one making the foolish argument, only showing the stupidity it leads to. We see time and time again, what "gun free" zones accomplish. While it is possible that brave and determined individuals could overcome someone like the Virginia Tech killer, the odds of them being successful are drastically reduced if all they're allowed to have our their own fists as weapons. 

The chance that enough or even one will resist is also reduced if the fight to survive, to actually resist has been blunted by societal pressures. As others have noted there is a coddling and infantilizing that is occurring in our culture. The tendency is to rely on those at the top for everything, including protection from violence. Best to just wait it out, rather than resist. It's bad enough to work such a view into society, but then to also remove a practical tool for self defense, from those who would resist, only makes sure everyone is unreasonably vulnerable, as the Virginia Tech murders demonstrate. This may create a reinforcing loop, with people feeling less safe and secure, yet having little choice but to rely on others to protect them. As we have seen, once again, the police for all their efforts, are rarely there at the moment of violence. Those who are on scene, have few options, other than to be victims.

It's a dangerous and deadly game to destroy the spirit to survive and also to deny the practical tools to aide in that. Those like Larry O'Donnell, who clearly have no clue regarding the subject matter, participate either by sheer stupidity or calculated deceit. The end result being the same either way. People die, that may have had a chance otherwise. But hey, as long as you can emote on camera, with self-righteous indignation, the hell with the facts. Never mind the little detail that the opportunity for such railing could have been avoided or the magnitude of the event greatly reduced, if only law-abiding citizens had the tools to defend themselves.


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