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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Apparently I'm a RINO

I'll wait a moment for those who actually know me, or have read my blog for any time now, to finish laughing and wiping the tears from their eyes...

It turns out, that some on the right take issue with those of us who think Ann Coulter goes too far with her rhetoric at times, to the detriment of a valid point she may be trying to make.

The issue is my previous post where I said Ann should apologize for throwing the F bomb out there, as in when she used the word faggot about John Edwards. The problem, with some, is that we are supposedly throwing one of our own under the bus and that we are empowering the other side by thinking Ann should apologize.

I'll just copy my comments here, that I left at the blog that's labeling us as RINOs

Defining me as RINO simply because I think Ann’s rhetoric went too far is a bit silly. She could have made the point much clearer and still used that word, if that term is so important to you, if she had cared more about making serious points, than grandstanding in this case.

After being stupid and thinking I don't remember my own words, he said blah blah RINO blah blah blah, I replied (used spell check this time lol):

You’re just putting passion ahead of common sense by continuing to label me a RINO. If you have such a hard on for the word, then by all means, go use it. But don't expect me to consider it polite or intellectually sound to throw a sound bite out there that is obviously something the opposition will use whether I or anyone else on the right thinks she should apologize.

As to apologizing, she could simply say that her point was about free speech and she could have made the point in a less offensive manner. Her original comment could have been something like - “for example - if I used the word faggot to refer to John Edwards, some would say put me in to therapy. Now, I don’t think it’s a good word to use, but this sensitivity and extreme reaction to mere words is a problem in our society.” This point could also go further into explaining how the 1st amendment has become a protection against being offended, a very serious matter.

It takes a bit more effort to do that and isn’t as cool a bomb to throw but it’s more mature to keep the point above the easy flame throwing.

I stand by what I said. Just how much are we supposed to accept from those who agree with us on various issues? Simply because we may agree, somewhat, with the other side, at one time or another, does not mean we've abandoned principle. Is no act or mistake able to be criticized if they push the right buttons on this issue or that?

The immaturity of labeling people RINOs in this matter, is actually throwing people under the bus far more than merely expecting common decency, sharper presentation, or an apology/restatement from those who say they speak for us.


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