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Sunday, March 04, 2007

300 is political?

I've been looking forward to seeing the movie 300 for awhile now and plan to see it on an IMAX screen this weekend. Unfortunately Drudge has a developing story:

A handful of reporters gathered in Los Angeles at screening for the WARNER BROTHERS movie "300," about the battle of Thermopylae some 2,500 years ago, cornered the director Zack Snyder with an unanticipated question. "Is George Bush Leonidas or Xerxes?" one of them asked.

Snyder, who said he intended neither analogy, suddenly knew he had the contemporary version of a water-cooler movie on his hands, the NY TIMES plans to report on Monday.

"But the danger is that an accidental political overtone will alienate part of the potential audience for a film that needs broad appeal to succeed," reports the paper's Mike Cieply.

Is the film a thinly veiled polemic against the Bush administration, or is it slyly supporting it?


I commented to my smokin' hot friend Heather about this by saying, "One could argue that the historical battle is about infant democracy fighting against tyranny and bravery and steadfastness but I doubt the director intended anything with it specifically for or against Bush."

I like her reply best though:

Next thing, someone's gonna make Cinderella political. Bush is the evil step mother with Rice and someone else as the evil step sisters, Cinderella will be the poor starving orphans trying to cross the border from Mexico, and the Prince and his parents will be the kind hearted Gore with Hillary and Bill Clinton as his parents, who come in and save the day through the help of Michael Moore, the fairy nitwit.

So let's just enjoy what looks to be a great film.


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