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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Do we really want to follow in their foot steps?

When the likes of Senator Kerry speak highly of various European countries (mostly old Europe), they act, at times, as if we have much to learn from our betters. But the following run down of news from Europe will hopefully dissuade many from always thinking we should trounce along behind Europe, blindly and happily following wherever they go. After all, they may be rushing headlong to a dangerous cliff, with no way of stopping before it's too late.

Dispatch from the Eurabian Front: I’m Dreaming of a Halal Christmas (selected excerpts from The Brussels Journal)

Yesterday the Brussels judiciary searched the offices of the Muslim Executive of Belgium (MEB). The MEB [...] distributes the government subsidies to support the Islamic religion. At least 33,000 euros have disappeared from the books of the MEB.[...] MEB transferred money to the bank account of Nizar Trabelsi, a convicted terrorist who is serving [...] ten years for an attempt to bomb an American military base.

According to the MEB the money was given to Trabelsi for humanitarian reasons. The MEB said he needed to buy additional food and drink in prison.

Sounds like a cousin of CAIR to me.

In the Netherlands 25 officers [...] have been sent on a “cultural training” to Morocco. According to Chief Superintendent Gerard Bouman “Criminal Moroccan youths [...] do not behave like indigenous Dutch. They rave about Moroccan culture. Hence, we have to know the latter, too.” Bouman added, however, that police officers in Morocco are astonished when they hear about the criminal behaviour of Moroccans in the Netherlands. “They can hardly believe that we have problems here with Moroccan youths.”

Apparently crime against whitey is ok for radical Muslims.

Bouman [...] also said that the Dutch police force has to attract more immigrant officers. “I used to think that qualifications were the only criteria [for employment and promotion], but if you are not careful you will end up with an entirely white police force. We cannot have that in this city.”

Oops, me thinks Chief Superintendent Bouman unintentionally said the immigrant candidates were not as highly qualified. But hey, we'll have more color on the force, so what does that matter?

In Spain, Muslim radicals demand the right to worship in Cordoba cathedral. They claim the building is theirs because it was in use as a mosque during the Arab occupation of Spain from the 8th to the 15th century. Cordoba was the capital of “al-Andalus,” Arab-occupied Spain. The Catholic Church refuses to set part of the cathedral aside for Muslim prayer (after all, Spain isn’t Belgium). Prior to the Arab occupation, Cordoba cathedral had always been a Christian church.

Hopefully Spain won't fold to such idiocy. Nothing like radical Muslims acting like schoolyard bullies. We touched it once, so now it's ours forever and ever. The mind reels at such a childish possessiveness, as if Europe and other countries don't already have mosques for them to worship at.

There's more, so please read it all.

We simply must realize that Islamofacists have no desire to peacefully coexist. They simply want to rule, oppress and kill. Trying to make peace with such animals only encourages them and results in more people dying, including moderate Muslims with whom we can live with in our communities.

Unfortunately, with demographics working against native Europeans, it appears they may  be learning the lesson a bit too late. I hope more can see what's happening there and help other countries avoid the same results. If not, it is difficult to avoid seeing a future wherein a braver country than our own is running down the list of dhimmitude marching on in America.


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