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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How many feet does Kerry have?

One can hardly forget Senator John F'ng Kerry, he served in Vietnam btw, make comments that easily appeared to denigrate our troops. Now Kerry is back in the news for a trip wherein he will visit various countries in the Middle East. Kerry to meet soldiers, leaders in Iraq

The Iraq stop will be part of a nine-day Mideast trip that includes stops in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

For those who  were put to sleep by his sleep inducing tone, here is a recap of the offending remark included in the article:

A week before the midterm elections, Kerry told a group of California students that individuals who don't study hard and do their homework would likely "get stuck in Iraq." He said he meant to say "get us stuck in Iraq," but the botched joke intended to criticize President Bush forced the senator to apologize and then lay low for the remaining days of the campaign.

Unfortunately Kerry seems to have at least one more foot than the two he had already inserted into his mouth, and feels the need to stuff this one in as well.

The Massachusetts senator, who was widely criticized for the quip, said he'd be happy to apologize to any soldiers he encounters in Iraq who don't understand what happened.

"For anybody who misunderstood (the joke) or got only the White House presentation of it, I'd apologize, obviously," he said.

Some apology. You're not smart enough to understand what really happened, or clever enough to be informed, but I'll apologize. Besides the arrogance, there is the apparent deep seated need to blame others, rather than just stand up, be a man and apologize, plain and simple. Apparently, nuance requires something more complicated than just saying, I'm sorry, I was wrong.

For Kerry to still try and play it off as a fumble of a joke aimed at Bush is another sign of his incompetence. At the very least, he's made a poor choice in his joke writer, as Bush did finish school and had slightly better grades than Kerry did. Bush also tested a bit higher than Kerry on military aptitude tests. Also, one doesn't become President by being a moron. But if that can happen, what does it reveal about the one who lost to a moron?

But let's say we give Kerry the benefit of the doubt. The joke really was aimed at the President, even though it was a pretty bad joke at that. The problem is that it doesn't really get Kerry off the hook, as his comment did not occur in a vacuum, where we have no data whatsoever on Kerry's attitude towards the military. We have a great deal of information and statements by Kerry, from his anti-war Ghengis Khan days and throughout his political career that show his less than positive view of our military. So, even giving Kerry, who served in Vietnam btw, his claim that the joke was botched, it is entirely reasonable to conclude it was botched because he let his true feelings slip out.

But if he still wants to be a  Presidential candidate, I won't stop him. Let John Freudian slip Kerry, keep talking. I'm sure he will be just as great a candidate as he was last time. At the very least, he should impress the electorate with how many of his limbs he can stuff into his droning mouth.


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