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Saturday, November 11, 2006

A lying moonbat

A conspiracy, Bush is lying video, has been posted on YouTube. In it Mike McIntee claims that the White House doctored video of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech. This has been show to be false and Michelle Malkin covers it here.

It's one thing to be so paranoid as to make a mistake, quite another to be too lazy to check how the other videos look on the White House website before drawing your conclusion.

Another video showing that Mike McIntee is lying is also now at YouTube and addresses this very matter.

Please take the time to visit that video and leave a supporting comment. Just click on the video and you should be taken to its location on YouTube.

This is what posted as a comment on YouTube at McIntee's video.

It's already been shown that this is incredibly inaccurate. The black bar can be seen in all the videos on the White House website and is merely blocking out the newsfeed logo. Just look at the "Mike McIntee Is Lying" video or go to the website and look at other videos yourself.

I wonder how long before my comments are deleted?

But as noted in the McIntee is lying video, it will no doubt be deleted or not even approved to begin with. While stupidity and/or laziness would have been sufficient to explain the original mistake, preventing comments that reveal the error is certainly not the action of someone who cares to present truth.


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