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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Muslim that should be heard

I'm sure most are aware of the imams who were removed from a plane not long ago. They and their media handlers have complained about flying while Muslim, being singled out simply for praying etc. CAIR has made its usual noise about the matter.

But the reaction, thus far, has not been what they've planned. The airline hasn't backed down and it appears that the American public, in general, is not all that sympathetic. But it isn't just Americans who are reacting this way. A non-Muslim is also less than impressed with these antics. I'll provide some excerpts and commentary but please read the entire article it is well worth it.

From a Muslim outlook, imams have missed the point on flight behavior (thanks to Ace)

The first thing one must understand about this whole hullabaloo with the Muslim imams taken off a Phoenix-bound plane in Minneapolis is that it most definitely was not about the right to prayer or freedom of worship.

And much as the imams and their handlers may try, it is certainly not about victimization.

Strong words from a Muslim. One wonders if he could say such things in a Muslim country, a point he brings up later. He does a good job of putting their actions in context and goes on to the media aftermath.

Organizations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Muslim American Society also immediately jumped on board, even before the imams' flight reached Phoenix the next day, and began whipping up the drums of victimization. Their handlers flew in from across the country staging rallies and pray-ins so they could teach the American people about this supposed tragedy of injustice.

As a devout Muslim, I have watched this painfully protracted saga unravel, fearing what comes next. The media, especially print media, have bent over backward to hear minorities' fears. Yet public opinion has not seemed to budge in favor of the imams. The lesson here lies in why. It has to do with credibility.

It should be noted, that while he is referring to the imam's and Muslim credibility, there is also the matter of the MSM lacking a great deal of that commodity as well.

We are all creatures of passion. This fiasco has stirred the passionate cry of victimization from the Muslim activist community and imam community. But where were the news conferences, the rallies to protest the endless litany of atrocities performed by people who act supposedly in my religion's name? Where are the denunciations, not against terrorism in the abstract, but clear denunciations of al-Qaida or Hamas, of Wahhabism or militant Islamism, of Darfurian genocide or misogyny and honor killings, to name a few? There is no cry, there is no rage. At best, there is the most tepid of disclaimers. In short, there is no passion. But for victimization, always.

Only when Americans see that animating passion will they believe that we Muslims are totally against the fascists that have hijacked our religion. There is only so much bandwidth in the American culture to focus upon Islam and Muslims. If we fill it with our shouts of victimization, then the real problems from within and outside our faith community will never be heard.

He makes a good point about there being only so much capacity within the culture to focus on these matters.  However, the MSM also needs to make an effort to focus on the moderates and those within Islam who have been brave enough to stand up and speak against the radicals, even as they face death threats for doing so. Simply repeating endlessly, the latest news about Britney Spears or Brad Pitt, when much more serious issues are swirling about us, is the height of incompetence. It borders on suicidal when more airtime is given to CAIR and those creating a faux victimization that threatens to weaken our security through intimidation by threatened lawsuits. That these groups rush to so quickly to their well rehearsed script, leads one to speculate that for some, that is the very intent.

Our predicament is unique, fragile and precarious. We Muslims are a relatively new minority in a nation that gives us freedoms that no other Muslim nation would allow.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, a radical subset of our faith community is seeking to destroy the basis for this liberty.

Either we predominantly direct our passions against these radicals or Americans will not count us as allies in this consuming struggle.

Many in the MSM and the moonbat segment of society, need to repeat these words, from a Muslim, thousands of times a day, until they understand what is at stake. It's not that we want to destroy Islam. It is the radicals within that are destroying it and threatening the rest of the world. They must be broken, killed if necessary, if they will not turn from their aggression and murder. This must be done, the MSM must help, before we reach a point where our only choice is to wage war against what is left of Islam, because what his left has already expanded the war so greatly that we are in a position of reacting desperately in order to merely survive.


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