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Sunday, September 10, 2006

9-11: 5 years later

I remember being at work and hearing that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I thought that was odd; but mere speculations were shocked to deadly certainty shortly thereafter, when we heard another plane had hit. The news reports coming in those early hours ranged from tentative reports of a bomb going off at the Pentagon and other planes having possibly been hijacked. One coworker had a family member in the area where Flight 93 had gone down as I recall. I worked in Oak Park, Illinois at the time and with reports of other hijackings and speculation running high, Chicago was viewed as a possible target. With all of the worry, we were allowed to go home if we wanted to. We all know how that day finished. A psychotic and determined hatred struck at the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. They would have no doubt struck another target in the capitol of our nation, but the passengers of Flight 93 rose up in courageous defiance. They forced the terrorists to change their plans, sacrificing their own lives, to lessen the carnage of that day.

The heroes of that flight, ordinary people, rising up to face extraordinary circumstances, should be remembered for their strength and clarity of purpose. They knew they had to stop the terrorists and they did. We should learn from them. But I fear that too many in our nation have lost that determination, have grown tired of the struggle against this hatred that reached out and pierced our hearts on that day. Too many, seem willing to pull back, to acquiesce to Islamofacism. Let them have the world, as long as they don't hurt us, seems to be the desire. Yet when has that every worked for even a playground bully?

We must stand firm, no matter how long it takes. The enemy still wishes to do us harm and clearly hopes to have more than box cutters in hand next time. This is war and in war, you kill the enemy before they can kill you. There are times when a good war is preferable to a bad peace. Dhimmitude is not an option for me. I would hope that many more would wake up and like those on Flight 93 stand against the enemy that is Islamofacism.

One day of destruction like 9-11 is enough. If we can't put aside partisan politics, what further anniversaries will be bring upon ourselves? We have yet to sacrifice in this war as this nation has had to do in previous wars. If our memory of that day will not awaken enough in this nation, to unite in this war, we may have much more serious sacrifices to make in the future, just to survive. I pray that will not be the case.

Images I choose to remember on this day:

911firefighters        911Cross


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