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Saturday, August 12, 2006

If she wants to be a casualty...

No skin off my nose. Or, stupid is as stupid does.


Comedienne SANDRA BERNHARDT, close friend of Madonna, has threatened to fight new security measures at airports imposed after a terrorist attack on planes flying from the UK to the US was averted. From yesterday (10AUG06), passengers flying from and to America have been banned from taking non-essential hand luggage onboard jets. But Bernhardt, who is scheduled to fly out of New York's JFK Airport today (11AUG06) is determined to break the rule. She tells the New York Daily News, "When I go to the airport and they try to take my MAC Plushglass away from me, it's going to be World War III!"

As a friend of mine quickly noted:

she's rich, she can buy some of that trash overseas, quit being a whiner. I hate stupid rich ppl.

That someone with such resources has the need to act out like a drunken toddler, just to keep lip-gloss in their possession, makes one wonder if she suffers from a reverse of Werner syndrome. Hopefully we won't soon see this ranting fool soiling diapers while throwing a temper tantrum. That one would boast of the thought of doing this shows they care not for the hundreds whose lives will be affected due to their premeditated disturbance. Such antics are a sure sign of narcissism and arrogance of such magnitude that such may only be successfully treated with something like a goose-stepping boot stomp to the forehead.

Just go for it honey. It might make for an entertaining video on youtube.


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