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Monday, August 07, 2006

More Reuters fakery

Courtesy of Adnan Hajj, imagine that. In this case we have a photo here that Reuter's captioned as an Israeli jet firing missiles.


An Israeli F-16 warplane fires missiles during an air strike on Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon, August 2, 2006. (LEBANON) 02 Aug 2006 REUTERS/Adnan Hajj

Let's first consider that if missiles were being fired, why is the plane overtaking them? The speed of a missile will undoubtedly be faster than the plane as it begins at that speed and then it's engine accelerates it to greater velocity. I seriously doubt any weapons manufacturer would design missiles that would run the risk of falling behind the plane that just fired them. What else could they be? They're simply flares that are used to decoy anti-aircraft missiles. In other words, rather than an offensive action, the plane is performing a defensive maneuver. Bummer, for the anti-semitic photographer eh? Better to just do some chops and label it differently.

We have much further analysis by way of the Jawa Report (thanks to Captain's Quarters) that confirms this is another chop job. I'll give you one pic but be sure to check out the further detailed dissection.


Notice the identical smoke trails. Yep, Hajj boy clones smoke, again.

Reuters has a rep for it's biased reporting and now we see that with at least one photo source, there is quite a bit of dishonesty at work. This may be just the tip of the iceberg and hardly surprising considering Rathergate. Fortunately, we're lucky that this one individual is so poor at his digital manipulation skills. The worry I have is how can we be sure others don't exist who are just much better? I know that at my amateur level I could do better than this. Trusting the MSM has received another blow and their claims to serious fact-checking are only ashes smoldering in the junkyard of self-righteous indignation they direct at the masses who dare question them while they peer down from their lofty towers.

This was addressed to a sinful people blessed with a covenant with God but the sentiments are no doubt felt by many as the MSM trips over itself in it's arrogance.

Lev 26:19 And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass:

Finally, Cox & Forkum drives the point home with this: (click for larger image)


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