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Thursday, May 25, 2006

9-11 - It's a conspiracy! v.1


Sometimes you feel like a nut ...

but some people really are nuts

It's going to take several posts to cover all of the discussions I've been involved with lately on this matter. Suffice it to say, some think that because of all the unanswered questions, the only reasonable answer is there's a conspiracy of some sort. There is a difference between being uninformed or misinformed and intentionally maintaining such states. When my comments are harsh, they're directed at those who do everything they can to ignore when reasonable answers have been given and that they're arguments are continually falling apart.

I'll begin with my reply to someone who rattled off a list of the supposed mysteries recently. My next post will cover an extended discussion regarding the Pentagon. I'll have a closing comment or two that may end up in a third post, depending on how long the Pentagon post turns out to be. The point of all this is that finding reasonable answers is simply not that hard. I'll soon have links to resources in my sidebar, just above my first blogroll, so that others will have convenient access to what's available. For those savvy enough to look at urls, you'll notice just about everything comes from one site. This just emphasizes how easy it is to find this information.

Let us begin. As usual, the original comments in bold, with my replies interspersed in regular text. This exchange occurred after extended discussions, with others, regarding the Pentagon, but presented a good number of the usual yadda ya, so makes for a good start in this series. Links following the comments in bold are part of my reply as well.


And a great deal has been presented to show that the 9-11 conspiracy is very real - NORAD standing down

Plenty covering that umbrella charge here: stand down

American Airlines Stock futures preceded Sept 11th at 10 times their normal rate

There was very high trading in "put options" on American Airline

9 of the 19 supposed hijackers being still alive

You already ignored this once, but I'll try again Many of the hijackers as named by America are still alive.

pre-Sept 11th plans to attack Iraq whihc had nothing to do with 9-11, Project for a New American Century's call for "a new pearl harbor"

Neo-con think tank predicted a New Pearl Harbour

Where we do think people really oversell this quote is in portaying it as some spookily accurate piece of foreknowledge, that the  New Pearl Harbour was to justify regime change, war in Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East. That really is a step too far, as you ll find out if you download "Rebuilding America's Defenses" and read if for yourself.

all four airlines failed to send a distress signal

I think you're pulling that out of your ass but it would seem a red herring even if true. It isn't inconceivable that they were prevented from doing so, however, phone calls, transponders being turned off, lack of communication, unauthorized changes in course would indicate a hijack situation.

Bush claiming he saw the first plane hit the tower prior to any known video of the event

Your butt seems awfully prolific. Extreme confusion of that day could easily lead to misstatements as people try to recall as well as time zone change issues that may have slipped by in various early reports.

a plane flying unobstructed into the most secure building in the world

It is... impossible that a Boeing 757 could enter the Pentagon's air space without being destroyed

the perfectly symetrical collapse of building ..7

Actually, it wasn't symmetrical. One penthouse fell inward first, then the second and the collapse continued from that end. a sequence of stills from the collapse here

which was never struck by a plane,

 Building 7 wasn't significantly damaged by the main WTC collapse, so there was no reason for it to fall

 The claim that there wasn t enough water to fight WTC7 is a lie

 WTC7 only had small, limited fires.

 NYFD audio recordings of bombs being in the buildings

There are many, many first-hand accounts of explosions at the WTC, showing there were bombs in the building.

and on and on and on.

Yes, on and on and on you go, ignoring data that has already been presented. You have yet to concede that criticism of the Osama confession video is without merit. So I'll provide those links as well.

The video

being right handed

the "gold" ring


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