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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Iraqis vote - tsk tsk

I wonder if that is what Mother Sheehan and her supporters are thinking. Remember, not too long ago, Sheehan and her minions were saying we should be out of Iraq. It didn’t take long for her to add Afghanistan and New Orleans to the list. Perhaps that partially explains why the MSM has focused its agenda distorted lens elsewhere. It wouldn’t do for the useful idiots that you try to bludgeon the Bush administration with, start to sound like some of the moonbats on the DailyKos and the Democraticunderground or Nope, that would be a bit too honest for Americans, can’t have that.

So now, we have reached this important milestone. Does anyone believe this momentous occasion in the history of Iraq would have occurred if the United States had not removed Saddam and then stayed until Iraq could protect itself? It is interesting to see some object that we are forcing democracy on them. Yet, Iraqis have bravely decided to vote, despite threats of violence, with what looks to be a 60% or so turnout. Saddam wasn’t in power by popular vote, but rather by cruel brutality, apparently forcing despotism on people is fine with some.

The people of Iraq have greatly impressed me with their bravery. I hope and pray they can continue to demonstrate that they are capable of rejecting Islamic extremism and that their country will prosper in the modern era and be an example to others in the region.

For more views on this historic vote, check out Rightwingsparkle, she has several good links. Most interesting is the difference in world headlines provided by Protein Wisdom.

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