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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Karma bitch slaps a bitch

It's crude and callous enough to dress as a Virginia Tech murder victim for Halloween, but then to be entirely unrepentant in the interviews that followed, well sometimes one gets what one deserves.

Penn State student loses job over Tech victim costume (via Ace)

Nathan Jones, one of the Penn State University students who dressed for Halloween as a Virginia Tech shooting victim, said the controversy has cost him his job.

It's nice to see some part of our culture still understands that social ostracism is sometimes necessary.

In an e-mail Friday, Jones said he was asked to resign Thursday from his post at Bank of America or be fired.

By email even, couldn't haven happened to a nicer guy.

"Things are going to be hard now, especially since I have no outside support. ... However, even though I will be starving over the holidays and my credit cards will all default, I still will not apologize," he wrote.

Yo sparky, you overplayed your courageous bit just a little. Fortunately for you, I'm too lazy to change my title to "Karma bitch slaps a whiny little bitch".

The following quote comes to mind, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

I get the impression this kid will learn about that phrase the hard way. Maybe someday, we'll be regaled with a book all about his long, slow dance with karma that finally leads him to some maturity and the ability to say - I'm sorry. It's too bad that the finally arrived at apology will no doubt be accompanied by other apologies for subsequent similar actions and all wrapped up in a book that he wants to make money from.


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