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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brutality with a taser?

At the University of Florida campus during a John Kerry speech, Andrew Meyer, a journalism student, tried to ask the Senator several questions. Judging from some of the videos and eyewitness reports, the kid was disrupting the event by going past his allotted time, despite having been asked to move away from the microphone. Does such action deserve what happened?

HotAir links to the video here and includes another video that is eerily similar.

Michelle Malkin has some eyewitness accounts here.

I think with all the information currently available, it's obvious that campus security acted inappropriately. The embarrassment and humiliation this kid must now endure could have been avoided if they had just turned the juice up a bit more. Letting the kid have the ability to scream OW! OW! OW!!! like a little girl was cruel and inhumane punishment.

At the very least, they could have upped the shock to any of the levels above what they chose.

Level 04 Drop' em immediately
Level 03 Grit teeth and drop' em
Level 02 Cuss and swear manfully and drop' em
Level 01 Cuss and swear like a sissy and drop' em
Level 00 Scream OW! OW! OW!!! like a little girl whilst flailing about like a sissy

Dennis Miller has a t-shirt commemorating this event here.

*oops* Not only did I forget the link when I posted, it appears they don't have this available yet. Here is the Dennis Miller Show store for when they do, if they do.

Helpful tip.

If you disrupt an event and then resist a number of security guards or police instead of leaving as requested, all while trying to incite a crowd against them, and then say - Don't taze me bro!

What the heck do you think is going to happen?

In all seriousness, he was resisting their request to leave the microphone and infringing on everyone else's right to hear what they were there for. That was even after being allowed to ask his question. When they tried to move him, he then resisted and arguably tried to incite the audience against the campus security.

I would say the problem with the security guards is that they were not trained in how to restrain someone without having to use a taser. Then again, such techniques can result in dislocated joints if the person continues to struggle and they are quite painful even without that.

Lucky for OW!! OW!!! OWW!!! boy, those who trained the campus security probably have some pockets that can be mined by an aggressive attorney.

Too bad for him that won't remove the spread of this video across the Internet and airwaves. heh


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