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Friday, August 31, 2007

Jon Lovitz beats a Dick - Senator Craig take note

Sometimes beating is better than stroking when it's an irritating and obnoxious Andy Dick.

With all the gay bathroom sex talk in the news of late, thanks to Senator Craig, I though I would begin with a little levity and write about something I had intended to address some time ago. Besides, I like the title and recent events are a good excuse to get this one out of the way. I'll address the Craig matter after this.

So, back to this Dick beating.

"I just wanted him to say, 'Oh, I'm sorry,'" said Lovitz. "Then he leans into me, 'Well you know why I said that? Because you said I killed Phil Hartman that's the first thing you said to me when you got on the show.' I just lost it so I grabbed him by the shirt and I pushed him against the wall. And he's just smiling at me, and then I realized 'oooh, here's my chance.' So I grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him really hard and I smashed his back and his head into the bar. And I did it again. I would have kept going, but the doorman broke it up." (source)

Judging from the article, it was well deserved. Then again, Andy Dick is usually so irritating, it would still be deserved without the sick comment about Phil Hartman. It seems Dick's character on NewsRadio was actually not a moment of good acting, but rather, Andy merely being Andy. Either that, or he's one of those actors who gets lost in the character. Unfortunately, that doesn't provide much sympathy for his antics either, considering the show ended in 1999. There's some good video of Lovitz on Larry King here, where you can hear him imitate the Dick's squeal.

Now if you want some comedy concerning Senator Larry Craig, Rightwingsparkle has a round up here and references a very relevant Seinfeld episode - heh.

As to my view on the Senator Craig matter, it seems incredibly odd that he pled guilty and tried to say it was entrapment in the after arrest interview. If you got entrapped, it was into doing something after all. Perhaps he was just that confused and nervous that he wasn't thinking of the implications of saying that? Whatever the case may be, he had several months to seek counsel before entering his plea.

If we go with the what appears to be the general consensus, that he did it, there is still discussion by some people about whether or not such signals should be enough for an arrest. The argument seems to be it was merely flirting, though debased as the apparent intent is, and not lewd in a way that would have been recognized by the average person. I'm not sure I agree, but maybe a good lawyer could have argued that in court. The problem being, it's admitting to intent, which would have immediately validated claims that Craig is gay and has sought out sexual activity like this before.

It seems to me that Craig only had a series of bad choices and took his chances with the officer saying it wouldn't be reported to the media, that he just needed to quit lying and agree with the officer's version of the event. What's truly sad, is what his family has to go through and what they may have been enduring for some time before this. Our choices do have consequences. Unfortunately, we sometimes only realize this when people were supposed to care about the most are also hurt by our actions.

Of course there is much screeching from some about hypocrisy, as Craig had voted against gay marriage and had a perfect score from a Christian group, regarding his politics. But if one is going to make that a banner to wave in the face of family values Republicans, what should be said about the Democrat party which still has Barney Franke in office and Bill Clinton who didn't resign?

While I think, at the very least, and barring no major new developments in his favor, Senator Craig should not run for re-election, I think we can learn some valuable lessons from this. If one wants to beat a dick in a Minneapolis airport bathroom, it would help if it was Andy Dick and you don't tap his foot in the process. For those who can't help but resort to said foot tappage, it's obvious what the next course of action should be, preceding even the practical step of lawyering up. Just whip out that Democrat party affiliation card. If that's not possible, at least change parties before entering  your plea, as you'll at least save your political career by doing so and probably pull in some nice advances for the book you can now write.


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