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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Would the following fit on a bumper sticker?

And so what if it did? That wouldn't change the fact that we are at war with people who want to commit acts of terror against this country and others around the world.

TERROR PLOT THWARTED AT KENNEDY, that's the headline at the Drudge Report. The news item is currently short on details but here's what's stated thus far.

4 Charged In Plot To Blow Up Jet Fuel At JFK

NEW YORK -- According to NewsChannel4's Jonathan Dienst, sources said federal investigators have made arrests in an alleged terror plot on Kennedy Airport.

Four people have been charged. One is in custody in New York. Three suspects are thought to be overseas.

Sources said one suspect is thought to be a former parliament or

government official in Guyana.

potential massive explosion.

Sources said counter-terrorism officials have been following the plot for months.

Law enforcement officials said the plot may involve a former airport worker.

One law enforcement official said: "[There was] credible intent to commit violence but it was not operational."

A press conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. this afternoon.

Stay with for the latest on this developing story.

It's a good thing the War on Terror is just a bumper sticker thingee per John Edwards. I guess we should pull out of Kennedy Airport now, at least by his reckoning.


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