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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some Republicans love Shamnesty

Despite our heating up the phone lines when the incredibly foolish Shamnesty bill was announced and telling our Senators that we did not support the bill, the Senate, with the help of the President and some GOP Senators, is poised to vote for closure, the end of debate. News reports had some actually saying the number of phone calls against was decreasing and implying that support was therefore increasing. Excuse me? We called, we logged our rejection of this bill, and you just blow that off? It's unbelievable that one report stated that they had received 600 calls against the bill and only one for it and yet some are pinning their hopes on the claim that less calls are now being made.

President Bush has now thrown a fig leaf out there for those of us who demand border security before discussing compromise or amnesty for those already here. Essentially, he thinks throwing more money at border security is sufficient. Sorry, that's not what we're asking for. We want demonstrated success and performance of increased border security. Simply promising to throw more money or personnel at the matter is not enough. If border security really is a top concern, then why tie it to a bill that has so many loopholes and despite proponents objections, amounts to amnesty in practice? Thinking we would be so easily fooled, or bought off, is almost as insulting as being dismissed as mere racists by the administration.

If security really was the priority, my Senator, Richard Lugar (R) would not have voted against the Coleman amendment that, weak as it was, took a step in the right direction in ending sanctuary cities. As many have noted, increased border security has already been mandated by current law, and yet has not been achieved. The fence has only several miles built and improved tracking of aliens in this country has not been implemented, to name just a few items. Sorry, but more promises, additional legislation (filled with loopholes) will not suffice. Show us you mean business, rather than trying to tar us all as bigots.

The determination of the Senate and President Bush, to ignore the will of American citizens, with Republicans helping, is why I sent the following reply to an RNC email I received last week.

The GOP doesn't have my support while there's still a chance for that immigration bill disaster passing the Senate.

My Senator, Richard Lugar, who I've voted for consistently over the years, has permanently lost my vote because he's voted with Ted Kennedy if not 100% of the time, very close to it, with this illegal immigration fiasco of a bill. That he would vote against the amendment that sought to discourage sanctuary cities, shows that his priorities are anything but national security.

I will not vote for Lugar again. If any Republican presidential candidate wants my vote, they'll have to be against this bill and clearly for serious improvements in border security. This will need to be shown by actual results, rather than just the shuffling of paper and money.

And before proponents toss out the, "produce will be more expensive" line, I put national security and the rule of law ahead of paying lower prices for lettuce and tomatoes. So, for those Republicans, like Lugar, who love the Shamnesty bill, just keep up this foolishness, elections aren't so far away that we'll forget. Don't be surprised if you find that voters you used to have, will no longer care to vote for people who refused to listen to actual citizens of this country, while doing that which undermined our culture, laws and security.


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