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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Don't buy this software

I hate to be negative, as this blogging software had great potential. The software I speak of is Elicit by Bingo Bango Software. As you can see on their website, the software promised integration of a number of services. They started out ok for a small company with new software. There were little glitches and hiccups here and there, but the ability to schedule posts, have Wikipedia, flicker and other services integrated into the user interface helped make up for that, along with having free upgrades "forever" after purchasing the software.

But as I said in the title, do not buy this software. I did, and looked forward to continual improvement in the interface and features as development continued. Well, it appears development is dead.

If you look through the site, you'll see that questions in the support forum have not been answered for some months now. Their blogs are no longer active, in fact the domains for both Bloggin with Elicit and are no longer controlled by the company as you can easily see for yourself. Trying to update the software resulted in an error message and not being able to connect to the server.

I sent this email to Hebert Page, public relations and marketing for the company on November 25th, 2006 and have yet to receive a reply.

Considering the lack of response in the support forum and that both of the Bingo Bango Software blogs are no longer available, and that the update server is not available it's rather deceptive business practice to continue to have the ability for people to purchase this software. It is obviously dead.

I've enjoyed using it despite the bugs, as there were promises they would be worked out. I see no reason to believe that is any longer possible.

Get your act together, or just admit the business has folded before others purchase a failed product that they can't even get activated on their computers.


Mark K. Sprengel

Hopefully, I can prevent other people from purchasing this software, should that function still work on their site.

Fortunately, I've found better software, at an even better price. Microsoft's Windows Live Writer (beta) (brief description here) is currently free  and open to community creation of plugins. I've add a number of these that have made blogging easier than it was before. A good site for learning about the plugins is Windows Live Writer Plugins.

So, if you would like to try something besides straight blogger or whatever you currently use, give Windows LIve Writer a try, especially with plugins, you may like it.


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