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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What's that giant sucking sound?

Oh, that's right, the vacuum between John (the lame shall walk) Edwards ears.

Edwards Touts Investments in Health Care

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic presidential contender John Edwards says it is more important to invest in universal health care and lifting people out of poverty than to reduce the budget deficit.

Yes, let's have someone who made their money with lawsuits in the healthcare industry actually make suggestions about fixing it. Trial lawyers certainly didn't  help lower costs. How convenient to  then use the healthcare industry as a springboard for Presidential aspirations, not only for policy but also one's personal wealth. That Edwards may have used junk science and emotional pleas rather than the latest data only adds to his disqualifications for fixing the industry.

Flashback to 2004

Did 'Junk Science' Make John Edwards Rich?

Peter Huber, a lawyer and author of the book, Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom, believes juries are typically manipulated with emotional arguments to aid the plaintiff's case.

"The jury sees the undisputed trauma first, the disputed negligence second, the undisputed cerebral palsy third. It is a perfect set-up for misinterpreting sequence as cause," Huber wrote.


Olson said lawsuits blaming obstetricians for cerebral palsy and other infant brain damage "may constitute the single biggest branch of medical malpractice litigation." Cerebral palsy is diagnosed in about 8,000 infants annually in the U.S.

But the recent scientific studies may make those lawsuits "scientifically unfounded," Olson explained. He contends that the medical malpractice suits that enabled Edwards and other trial lawyers to become rich and famous are crippling medical specialties like obstetrics, emergency room medicine and neurosurgery.

"A few years ago every neurosurgeon in Washington D.C., had been sued, and it can't be because the nation's capital gets only bad neurosurgeons. It's because it's too tempting to file against the competent ones because so many terrible things go wrong with their patients," Olson added.

Edwards, who opposes legislation that would cap damages in liability lawsuits, would not respond to repeated requests through his campaign offices for comment.

Back to the current Edwards article:

``If I were choosing now between which is more important, I think the investments are more important,'' he said on ABC's ``This Week.''

Edwards' proposal, which includes tax cuts and a million housing vouchers for the poor, may place him at odds with Democrats in charge of the congressional spending committees.

Let's remember that we should always worry when Democrats toss the word investments around. They tend to consider tax increases as "investments", in their wonderful Orwellian twist of the language.

Edwards said he wanted to get the country "out of this ditch we're in fiscally'' but acknowledged his plan "means you cannot do about the deficit what you'd like to do, that's true.''

Apparently deficits are ok as long they're not the result of a Republican administration or caused in part by our fighting a war to protect our nation. Keeping in mind that Edwards is a cut and runner when it comes to Iraq. "(Edwards) is calling for 40,000-50,000 troops to come home immediately." 12/28/06

Also from that December news item:

(Edwards) said the United States should be part of the International Criminal Court, something that Bush has fought against to keep Americans from facing politically motivated prosecutions.

He also said the country should end its dependence on foreign oil. He said he would tax oil company profits and eliminate Bush's tax cuts to pay for his priorities.

In the interview later, Edwards said he will have a health care plan that will provide coverage for every American, something that few presidential candidates have considered a winning issue because of the high cost.


Edwards said he's still working out the details of his health care plan and doesn't yet have a cost estimate.

Well golly gee, at least he's worked out the cost enough to now say it's gonna cost a dayum lot a money. Good thing he made so much money screwing over doctors that he won't be bothered by the stranglehold his policies will have on our economy, let alone subjecting this country to harassing lawsuits in the ICC and the affect that would have on our foreign policy and by extension, our national security. But hey, all he has to do is continue his, I fought for "the little guy" shtick, flash his toothy smile and all will be well in the world.

The only sound louder than the sucking coming from between Edwards ears would be that of voters foolish enough to vote for this trial lawyer twit.


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