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Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam will soon be dead

Works for me. I do have to wonder what it must feel like, in the depth of one's being, to defend such a monster. His attorneys are now court shopping.

Lawyers Work to Stop Saddam's Execution

Saddam Hussein will be executed no later than Saturday, said an Iraqi judge authorized to attend his hanging. American and Iraqi officials met to set the hour of his death.

Lawyers for Saddam Hussein asked a U.S. judge to block his transfer to the custody of Iraqi officials poised to carry out his execution.

Hussein's lawyers filed documents Friday afternoon asking for a stay of execution. The 21-page request was filed in U.S. District Court in Washington before Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

Attorneys argued that because Hussein also faces a civil lawsuit in Washington, he has rights as a civil defendant that would be violated if he is executed. He has not received notice of those rights and the consequences that the lawsuit would have on his estate, his attorneys said.


I hope your eyes didn't permanently roll out of your head as mine nearly did while reading that. I hope the money they receive for such antics overcomes the corruption any normal human must feel in their soul while doing this kind of work. Then again, the love of money...and they are lawyers so perhaps the normal human thing might not apply.

The MSM, network and cable, will no doubt have much to say about Saddam's execution. Whatever.

Let's take some time to remember by looking at the Kay la Nansa - Kuwait's "Not to Forget Museum" as covered at the indc journal.

An entire section is devoted to photographic evidence of Iraqi atrocities. The above collage shows Kuwaitis who were tortured and killed during the occupation of Kuwait. There are similarly graphic displays that document the results of chemical weapons on the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War and the Kurds at Halabja. The images of children contorted in painful chemical death never fail to inspire grief and anger.

The end of this brutal monster's reign and finally his life, will be a long overdue justice for what he inflicted on his people and the nations around him.


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