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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google - forgot about 9/11?

I noticed that Google didn't bother to change their logo in any way for the 5th anniversary of 9/11. Considering the bad press over their deal with China or rejecting search request data to help support a law against child pornography and that the Dogpile site could manage to do it:


(click for larger image)

one would think Google would bother to do something, at least in a cynical play for good publicity.

Maybe it's time some of us do something about Google. I already dropped Google Ads from my blog over the China matter and know others did as well, so this is certainly good timing for a tech article titled, It's time to reconsider Google. Even better, is the date for the article, September 11. 

Is it time to dump Google as your search engine? Lately I've been finding myself drifting away from my old friend. Newer services do just as much as--or more than--Google does, and they do it with nicer interfaces


If you're devoted to Google out of force of habit or some affinity to the brand, I submit that it's time you reexamine your habits. Google is good, but it's not worth unyielding devotion.

No kidding.


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