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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Damn it! We want to kill embryos! vewy vewy quite. We're hunting embryos.

Apparently, news that a source of stem cells may have been found, that while not killing embryos, will still be quite flexible, this variety of use being the oft repeated, yet unfulfilled promise of ESC, has made some people not very happy. So much so, that news about this apparent discovery, as I covered here, is being criticized. Loose lips might save embryos after all, can't have that.

According to Rush Limbaugh:

(full transcript of Rush's comments here along with links of background info.)

Tom Harkin, Democrat Senator from Iowa also spoke at a press conference for the federal funding for stem cell research. Here's a portion of what he said.

HARKIN: It's about hope, about giving hope to people who have Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, kids with juvenile diabetes. It's about hope. That's what this legislation is really about. It seems like every time we bring this issue up there's some paper comes out that our opposition grabs hold on of and says, "See? We don't need this now." Well, the same thing has happened here, but as Dr. Atala himself has said, this is no substitute for embryonic stem cell research. While the new study is noteworthy, it does not represent a major breakthrough and should not be described as one.

Hope is a poor substitute for actual data and successful application. We have what may be a discovery that could provide much of the same claimed usefulness of ESC without the serious moral problems and Harkin jumps out the gate saying this is not a major breakthrough? By itself, it most certainly has the potential to be so, but especially in comparison to the constantly hyped potential of ESC, that has yet to be demonstrated.

HARKIN: In the future, I urge those of you in the media to beware of over-hyping incremental advances in stem cell research, especially when they're published on the eve of a congressional debate. So many opponents of our bill are now breathlessly touting this new study as if it makes all other forms of stem cell research irrelevant. It would be irresponsible from a scientific perspective and cruel to millions of Americans who are suffering from diseases like juvenile diabetes and ALS and Parkinson's, spinal cords [sic] injuries, to abandon efforts to lift the president's arbitrary restrictions on embryonic stem cell research on the basis of a single new journal article, and that's all it is.

He's one to talk about over-hyping something. He just emoted that "it's about hope", "giving hope" and again, "it's about hope", with nothing to back that up except more -- "hope". Then, complaining that the media actually reported this and that this news of research, which can actually be tested to see if the claims hold up, is being cruel when all he has on his side is wishful thinking? Welcome to bizarro world. Heaven forbid, that we avoid destroying the preborn and actually have the ability to continue research with stem cells that may still be very flexible.

Nah, can't have that. Killing embryos is just too important to some people, especially when they can get the government to pay for it.


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