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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Da Vinci Code -- a symptom...

...of a particular malady that tempts all of us. That being the avoidance of personal responsibility and accountability.

Some, who have never bothered to read serious books on Christian history, are believing a novel because it appeals to their itching ears and it says FACT in the beginning (hint - it's in the fiction aisle for a reason). Others, claim extensive and accurate research but when the many flaws are pointed out, tend to retreat behind - it's just a story.

What is most depressing, are those who give exuberant online reviews or say in message boards that it is fact and true. That they can't also do the research online, that would show differently is revealing. How hard is it to go to and look up books on the matter? Or just Google for Christian responses?

Here would be some resources, with actual information, if people were concerned more with actual knowledge, rather than just being tickled.

First a Google search simply using - da vinci code. The screen shot shows that just on the first page, with such simple search parameters, there are already resources with contrary information. (click for full size)


A quick search of Amazon reveals:


Both of which I have. Breaking the Da Vinci Code, is a quick read but very effective nonetheless. The Da Vinci Hoax, which I'm currently reading, looks to be very thorough and might make one feel sorry for Dan Brown once the smack down is finished.

For those disinclined to spend more money, you can always visit the links provided by simple Google searches as demonstrated above or a few that I found via Tekton Apologetics Ministries:

Not InDavincible -- A Review and Critique of The DaVinci Code
Crash Goes The Da Vinci Code
Was Jesus Married?
Cracking The Da Vinci Code

The question one must ask themselves is, am I more interested in merely having uniformed suspicions catered to, or am I more concerned with being accurately informed? While the book may be entertaining and the movie certainly appears to be so, we must not allow ourselves to avoid responsibility for seeking truth. It really is not that hard to be informed in this day and age.

Sadly, there will be some, who will only accept information by way of pop culture entertainment, rather than serious research, even that which requires minimal effort as I have shown here. What excuse will such have when face to face with God? Some will dare throw the responsibility on God and say, "but you didn't give us enough information".  They would avoid accountability, "If only I had known!", will be the attempted excuse. But what effort was made to know? What concern was there beyond entertainment and slavish devotion to only that which comforted rather than challenged? Even the pagans of old, who were serious in their worship, would not have been so presumptuous before the gods. To stand before the one true God with only excuses and pop culture entertainment backing you up, must surely be self-defeating. The fleeting satisfaction of a popular novel or movie in place of a desire and search for truth do not commend oneself well to even other people. Why would one expect God to be any different?


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