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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Date for withdrawal?

It would seem some spineless politicians are advocating a type of coitus interruptus in regards to Iraq. Eileen Byrne of WLS Radio discussed this several days ago as well as the legislation urging the President report on Iraq each quarter. I emailed her my comments and managed to hear just the last few words as she read it on the air. This is the second time she has read one of my emails, so thank you Eileen and for my readers, take the time to look at her blog, you will probably like what you see. You can also get WLS Radio online.

No date

A date is a no win-situation. Either the enemy sits back and wait for us to leave, now that we have telegraphed when, or they keep fighting and cause us to miss the date and then there is still political fallout for "failing".

How about legislation requiring congressional Democraps and RINO(s) read all the positive news each quarter? Lord knows they have no problem repeating, ad nauseum, each and every negative scrap of crap they can dig up or twist out of the good news that actually does exist.

That still sums up my view of the matter.

It's nice to see that John McCain is actually on the right side of this. Though I'll have to hold my nose and probably throw up in my mouth a bit if I have to vote for him to keep Hilary! from being president; I still have to commend him for the following comments, brought to us by Powerline.

Anyone reading the amendment gets the sense that the Senate's foremost objective is the draw-down of American troops. What it should have said is that America's first goal in Iraq is not to withdraw troops, but to win the war. All other policy decisions we make should support, and be subordinate to, the successful completion of our mission.

Morality, national security and the honor our fallen deserve all compel us to see our mission in Iraq through to victory.

A date is not an exit strategy. To suggest that it is only encourages our enemies, by indicating that the end to American intervention is near. It alienates our friends, who fear an insurgent victory, and tempts undecideds to join the anti-government ranks.

Think about this for a moment. Imagine Iraqis, working for the new government, considering whether to join the police force, or debating whether or not to take up arms. What will they think when they read that the Senate is pressing for steps toward draw-down?

Are they more or less likely to side with a government whose No. 1 partner hints at leaving?

The Senate has responded to the millions who braved bombs and threats to vote, who put their faith and trust in America and their government, by suggesting that our No. 1 priority is to bring our people home.

We have told insurgents that their violence does grind us down, that their horrific acts might be successful. But these are precisely the wrong messages. Our exit strategy in Iraq is not the withdrawal of our troops, it is victory.

Be sure to read the entire post at Powerline. It's a rather sobering view of America's ability to persevere. Hopefully America will still prove the pessimistic view wrong and stand firmly until victory is achieved and not merely defined into existence by a lowering of expectations that merely allows us to repeat the Vietnam tragedy.
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