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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

That Harriet Miers obsession

Or, it has to be my way or else!! waaaa

That seems to be a good way to describe some conservative pundits and how they are reacting to the Miers nomination. Specifically a petition being hyped by David Frum of National Review Online. He boasts that they now have 4,000 votes and counting.

I wonder, what the numbers would be if Frum had also referenced a petition that told these pundits to take a deep breath and wait for the hearings. They certainly would not be 4,000 for the petition and zero for the shut up and be men petition.

This doesn't mean that I am certain Miers is a good pick. However, I am waiting for the hearings to see what she has to say. Maybe she will do what Powerline has suggested in their unsolicited advice.

Suppose Miers testifies to the following: 1) She believes Roe was wrongly decided, and has expressed that view from time to time in conversation. 2) Her disagreement with Roe is not based on her opposition to abortion, but rather on her opposition to judicial usurpation. The Constitution says nothing about abortion, and the idea that the Court suddenly "discovered" the right after nearly 200 years is ridiculous. 3) She doesn't know whether she would vote to overturn Roe, because that would depend on issues relating to stare decisis that she hasn't yet analyzed, and she would not make that kind of decision without hearing the case before her, studying the authorities and the arguments of the parties, and discussing the issues with her colleagues on the Court.

Mightn't that approach solve a number of problems? Miers would immediately become a heroine to nearly everyone on the right...

There is just one flaw with that. Some of these over the top knee-jerk reactions have most certainly given the left all the ammunition necessary to shoot Miers down, even if she were to vindicate herself to these pundits on the right. For all their pride in their intellect, it may turn out that they only end up sounding like Homer Simpson when this is over - DOH!

Just for giggles, I have created my own poll, that you can see on the left, above the google adds. Feel free to vote, even though this poll has about as much scientific accuracy as Frum's petition and as many optional answers as he allowed. Granted, I don't have the traffic of NRO but it does illustrate how bragging about 4,000 signatures when only one answer is allowed is kind of silly.

*update* Mudville Gazette has another open post.

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