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Monday, August 17, 2009

Global warming consensus and other matters

BWHAAHAHAA!! That would be my reaction to the “consensus” claim made by true believers which is covered in an interview with Ian Wishart, the author of Air Con: The Seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming as conducted by “Vox Day” at the Vox Popoli blog.

There are more issues covered and it is very much worth reading in it’s entirety so I’ll provide only one excerpt:

…The UN lobbyists pushing for a comprehensive emissions cap and trade scheme ….


If you look at the economic prize at stake, consider this. We currently have gold markets, but you are not forced to buy and sell gold and only a tiny percentage of the community are active in the gold markets. The financial markets are larger, but even then most of us are not forced to buy and sell shares or trade forex, and only a minority of us actually do so. But if carbon trading becomes compulsory worldwide, effectively every single one of us will be forced to buy and sell through this scheme. No one will be able to go through their daily lives without being represented directly or indirectly in the carbon markets. Those who control the carbon markets will effectively control the world.

If we are going to cede that kind of control, and money, for a claimed crisis of planetary proportions, shouldn’t we first be absolutely certain that the crisis is real?


As they say, read it all.

This book is certainly going on my wishlist.

I await the typical ad homs, deflections and cries of CONSENSUS! DEBATE IS OVER!! from those who have made anthropogenic global warming their new religion.


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